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BCFier is an Open Source BCF client developed to help you deliver better buildings.

Like IFC is the open standard for Building Information models, BCF (also developed by buildingSMART) is the open standard for Building Issues. BCFier is a set of plugins and standalone apps that handle BCF and integrate directly with BIM tools.

Contribute to the Open BIM community by developing and extending BCFier to support more platforms and and online services, BCFier is now Open Source!


BCFier is an evolving project, stay tuned for updates and new features.

Autodesk Revit Addin and standalone viewer

Create and open BCF files directly within Autodesk Revit. With BCFier you can create isseus of 3D and 2D* views, add multiple views and comments to an issue and easily share them with other team members. BCFier also features a standalone Windows app that lets you review BCF files without the need of third party tools.

Check out the User Guide on how to get started.

*2D views are not a feature part of BCF therefore this functionality will only work in Revit.

OPEN SOURCE Fork it & pull it

BCFier is an open source project, join its community and contribute by making suggestions and reporting bugs using GitHub Issues, or by developing new features and modules. Coming soon integration with the BCF REST API and with new BIM tools.

Check out the GitHub project for documentation and code.

Get it!

Download the installer for Windows or fork it on GitHub.

The installer contains all the available modules and you’ll be able to select what to install.

If it’s the first time you use BCFier, check out the User Guide,
if you are a developer check out the Documentation.

Latest stableversion is BCFier 2.0.1 and it was released on the 5th of July 2015.


BCFier is powered by a community of people who love what they do, spend a moment to say thanks.

BCFier is an effort stared by Matteo Cominetti @teocomi. At the moment there are no other contributors, be the first!

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